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Resources for the Unhoused

If you live in or have visited San Francisco, you have most likely interacted with citizens who are marginally housed, homeless, or living in small Single Room Occupancy units.

Paramedics have the unique opportunity to provide care to patients wherever or whenever the need arises. We have responded to people living in mansions, houses, apartments, RVs, tents, parks, public restrooms, and under freeways.

We spend our days traveling around the entire city and have a front seat to many daily human crises that are the result of poverty. Although there is no easy fix, we are able to help people by supplying them with food, water, warm clothing, and hygiene kits.


Emily Tam, a cofounder of San Francisco Life Line, has been organizing donation drives and distributing clothes to vulnerable people living on the streets. She has also been assembling hygiene kits that include toiletries for dental hygiene, soap, shampoo, safety razors, deodorant, cleansing wipes, and hand sanitizer, as well as a resource guide for where to find laundry and shower services. With donations from her friends and family and proceeds from her art business, she has been able to buy shelf-stable food and clean water for those in need. 

We are in the process of getting our 501(c)(3) status to receive further support from donors who are interested in this cause. We extend our thanks to the generous donors who have already helped tremendously.  

Clothes Donation
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